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What’s the best type of content?

You know that content is of upmost importance when it comes to maintaining your social media channels? But what is the best type of content?

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Audrey: today we’re gonna to go through questions and hope you get the value out of this for content. So Anna Adnin asked what are the best type of content?

Bob: According to, I think, Your Social, So basically there are four types of content. So the first type is information. So if you’re, for next step is the next intake, if they’re having a sale, where is your store, what is your location. So that is information. Secondly we have inspiration. So you know from time to time you have quotes, you have, you have inspirational quotes, you have statistics of whatever is inspiration. Thirdly we have like educational education. So sometimes you know people need for guide book, you give a hack or you give people some sort of guide to, that’s more in the information. I think the fourth type, so yeah this basically four types of content. What are the best types of content, basically it’s based on your objectives. So another type of content that you’ll see especially when it comes to advertising is entertainment. So sometimes you get influencers through new music videos, sometimes you get influences to like funny content, that falls under entertainment. So unfortunately, not unfortunately but a lot of content out there that has a lot attraction is of course entertainment. You know you have things like, mgag escape it’s a lot of entertainment out there. So it’s how you weave education into entertainment. That’s the best six point when it comes to content.

Audrey:I think these are you know four different types of content but of course the medium that you use, it can be all sorts of stuff like for example you could probably just post on it social media, you could be doing video on YouTube, you could be doing SEO centric content, or you could be doing non SEO centric content, or you can even create it into an ebook. So there are many many different, different ways of you know sharing your content I think one key thing like by the end of the day one key thing that you guys need to pay attention to is the objectives. Don’t just, you know create content for no reason But create content because why oh I want to engage the people in my group Or create content why because I want people to know more about to set us up as a party leader, right So on top of all these things whatever you are doing whatever content you are doing do it with a purpose. I think that’s a good thing, do it with a purpose.

Bob: Okay and one more I think . I see the sweet spot when it comes to content is You tell people what your product is and also you need to know what people are interested in. So the sweet spot is where you do your research If you know what people want to know and then you tie in how your product helps them so that is the sweet spot between the two circles. The sweet spot is what you want to tell people and what people want. So that’s the sweet spot when it comes to content.

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