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Common SEO mistakes

Using SEO can get you many more visitors to your site, but you have to use it the right way. Find out in this blog what the most common SEO mistakes are, and try to avoid them!

Martijn van Beek
December 17, 2019

Bob: So what are, sort of the common mistakes that you see when it comes to SEO?

Robin: There's actually a few. However, the ones that at least I personally see pretty often, are things like duplicate content. And also, not only just duplicate content but also the lack of a content marketing strategy. You can't call an SEO project an SEO project without the content component of it. And that's very important. And sometimes some people will say, you know what my website is beautifully structured, you know our code is beautiful the Google crawler has, you know, pretty much crawled every single little millimeter of my website. But still, I'm not getting ranked and things like that. It's because really, there's so many components to it and you have to include them all as a package. As a package deal.

The other things also, could be sometimes poor site structure. If your data is all over the place, and you have all these subfiles you know that kinda just... I would recommend not to go further than three layers, right? Of subfiles. Four, maybe, maximum. Anything deeper than that you're kinda going down into like this deep dark hole, right? Even Google bots don't like that. So keep it sweet, you know? Keep your website's code sweet, short and simple, right? I call them the three S's for Code. And also, not forgetting things like Mobile friendliness. That's actually one of the main Google signals right now. So you can have a website, and you might think that. You know what but hey, my target audience don't use mobile to search for my website they're always on desktop, right? If that's the case, that's fine. But it will still effect your SEO on a desktop as well. So it has to be mobile friendly at the same time. And not using social media.

Bob: Not using social media?

Robin: If you're not using social media, or you're not using paid media, or paid ads, that as well. So you wanna actually include all of them.

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