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How to come up with ideas for content?

You know content is important for your social media channels, but how do you come up with new and valuable ideas for content?

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Jeanette: today’s burning question is, how do I come up with ideas for content?

Audrey: for me I often pay attention to how I search and Google. And I often start off with the word, how to. How to bake a pancake. How to bake the best chocolate chip cookies. Some of these are the terms that I tend to Google when I try to search online for answers. And whenever I create content today, I put that in my net as well. Having the how to or, because people came to ask these questions when they’re googling, they want to look for a solution, and with that I will phrase all my content in that manner to give an answer to a potential question they have in their mind. How about you?

Jeanette: so I totally agree that when it comes to creating content, you are trying to help your audience solve a problem or provide some kinda answer in some way. So what I like to say when it comes to creating content, is you need to think about your audience. So who is that person that you’re creating content for? Because someone like Audrey who is always searching for how to’s…

Audrey: …recipes…

Jeanette: ….you know recipes and things like that, and it depends on your product as well, but you need to keep in mind who you’re creating that piece of content for. And then the next thing to think about is purpose. What you want them to do with that piece of content. Do you want them to get that piece of information, be it like a recipe or whatever? But before you even come up with ideas for what kind of content you wanna create, you need to think about audience and purpose. And then you come up with ideas from there.

Audrey: and I think with content, your purpose of writing content is not always for SEO purposes. Sometimes we do content to create assets on social media, we create assets for eBooks. And those are content. So it’s not always SEO focus. Do you have any thoughts of that?

Jeanette: Yeah, I totally agree. Even with peer advertising, if you think about what kind of things you need to create for that ad. You have your images or videos. And then you have your copy as well. That’s all content. So you need to think about who you’re writing that content for, and what you’re doing with it. As for coming up with ideas, I think that once you have that persona tied down, you can come up with ideas from that based on the information that you have about that person. What questions are they asking? What solutions are they looking for? And craft your content to cater to that.

Audrey: I think all the best content that you see is content that delights people. That’s one. And content that answers questions that people have in their mind.

Jeanette: Totally agree.

Audrey: Alright then. That’s all for today and if you guys have more questions, feel free to ask us on NEXT Digital Marketing Lab. See you.

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