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Why should I NOT use SEO?

This may be a weird, one. Why would you not use SEO? Find out in this blog!

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Audrey: And today’s burning question is, OK it’s; why should I not use SEO? That’s a very very interesting question. Questions are becoming trickier and trickier these days! Yeah, for people who don’t know what SEO means, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And basically, basically when people say “I want to write for the first page of Google” for example, that is an outcome of good SEO. Alright, so Jeannette, when should I not use SEO?

Jeanette: OK, so that’s a tricky one, because, OK why? So one thing is, OK one situation I can think of where you might not wanna focus so much on SEO, is perhaps if you have a deadline to meet. Say you you have a new bet And you set up your website today and you need to sell a set and, plus tickets about three weeks later. So I would set up my website in a way that is best practice for search engine rankings, I may want to focus on other avenues to get traffic for the website and to make sales rather than SEO, because that’s really like a long game.

Audrey: Yeah, very true. So SEO usually takes time for your fruits to come in. Probably around six months maybe? Three to six months maybe?

Jeanete: Yeah, three to six months like, you might start ranking earlier, but because of its nature and the kind of content you might be putting up, you want direct, it might take longer for people to come to your content and then straight away buy it right.

Audrey: Yeah. Then the process is a lot longer so the money can balance a lot longer as well. Alright, I think, I mean I love this the way you put it, if there is a deadline and things need to happen within a short time, for example three weeks, then SEO, you can prioritize it later maybe. But for now you will probably want results coming in. Since SEO takes time, maybe you could do it for the future.

Jeanette: Yeah so like what I would do is you set up the groundwork, but when it comes to driving traffic, perhaps focus on something else.

Audrey: Yeah, that sounds great. Alright, so, if you guys have any more burning questions, and tricky questions like this, feel free to ask us on next digital marketing lab.

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