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What’s the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

As a business, you want to advertise as much as possible. But, what is the difference between advertising on Facebook and Google?

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Audrey: today’s burning question is what’s the difference between using Facebook ads and Google ads? What are your thoughts Bob?

Bob: Alright, so as most of my experience has been in paid advertising so the main difference most of the time is the part of the marketing funnel where the customers are. So when it comes to Facebook ads, a lot of time you are at the top of the funnel. A lot of people are unaware of your product or are new to the concept or are just not looking to buy, most of the time on Facebook. But when it comes to Google ads you’re reaching an audience with a very high intent. So you are reaching in-market audience or different types of people who are very very high intent, when you’re searching for a key word. You basically are making a comparison of what thing to buy. So the biggest difference I see is different parts of the funnel that Facebook is more top of the funnel and Google is very much towards the bottom of the funnel. People are reading to buy or people are doing research. Any more thoughts on this?

Audrey: Well, the way I look at Facebook ads and Google ads, we really need to understand the platform just like what you say, right. Intent, we talk about intent Google, when you talk about intent and Google, they work hand in hand together very well. So to me Facebook advertising, it’s like push marketing. Right, push advertising, I push everything to you like hi, you know, I’m here I’m here, right. But when it comes to Google, that’s like pull advertising, right, where you’re looking for something, we are looking for something say you’re looking for HR software maybe, and you’re Googling something along those lines, and I start pulling you and say hey, Bob, I’m here right. I know that you’re looking for HR software, I’m giving you a solution. So definitely these two tools are very different in nature and you know, I like what you say. One is a lot more top funnel while another one is really a lot more bottom funnel.

Bob: Alright, great stuff. Another comparison that in my experience as a marketer you will be very aware of this in terms of price. So when it comes to Facebook ads it’s still relatively low price, depending on the market. But most markets generally cost more in Google ads versus Facebook ads. But there is a big reason behind that. So like I said just now it’s different type of intent, different type of the part of the funnel. So in terms of the targeting options as well, that’s why Google ads are more expensive because when a person searches for it, they are very close to buying or are directly your customer. So especially with Google ads you can directly target your competitor’s brand name. So you know if you are like Toyota, you will target people who are searching for Ford, that’s very high intent. So you wouldn’t be able to do that so much with Facebook ads. Facebook ads is mostly behavioural, demographic and interest targeting which is okay but not that direct so that’s why Google ads are more expensive.

Audrey: Yeah, when I’m looking at Facebook ads these days, when I’m looking at Facebook asset platform, they’re definitely improving their algorithms so I think even though we can’t, as you say, we can’t directly target people, our competitors for example, target people who are liking our competitor’s friend or are looking out at our competitors, I think Facebook has its own way, to detect this people, to detect this in-market people. So yeah, definitely a good plan of both would be great. Knowing what both of them can do, definitely, definitely, something that we should utilize.

Bob: Yeah, in terms of the platform, so we also need to understand that when it comes to story telling, so for example Facebook is a great platform to do story telling because you can be able to do Facebook video ads in the newsfeed whereas Google also has this but it costs very high on YouTube. So the differences in that terms is when you wanna story tell in a mass audience Facebook is the way, but YouTube ads part of Google ads is also not bad. Another thing that I would add is, Google and Facebook also has very good remarketing options so whether it’s look alikes or whether it’s remarketing people who visit your website, both offer equal value but Facebook of course is more of a B to C market, whereas when it comes to Google, the cost is very high, so it’s very very good for if you have a high ticket product like B to B product or actual high priced product. So any thoughts on that?

Audrey: I think, I think both platforms you can reach out to both B to C, B to B as well, and sometimes it really depends on your messaging. Sometimes you can’t do the targeting, then you need to think about the messaging to qualify your customers. But definitely when it comes to B to B for example, we already know what we are looking for, we have a thing in mind to help solve a certain problem that we have in our business so I think which is why Google ads, definitely utilize Google ads for that.

Bob: Alright, that’s it.

Audrey: Yeah, it think that sounds pretty good. Well if you have any more questions feel free to join our NEXT Digital Marketing Lab.

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