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How To Name Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

No one talks about naming facebook ads, but do you know that it is important for you to identify your ads and campaigns effectively when you are tracking them? Learn more here.

Zoe Lim
October 5, 2016

Launched your first Facebook Advertising Campaign but not sure how to name them?Here's a quick guide to naming your Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads so you know exactly what you launched a few days ago...The goal of naming your campaigns is to provide structure to your campaigns so you can easily and quickly identify and differentiate your campaigns, ad sets and ads.Let's start by looking at the structure of the Facebook Ad.


Your AD is grouped within ADSETS (or ADVERT SETS), which in turn are grouped within CAMPAIGNS.

The key to an effective naming convention is to look at the purpose of each of these groupings:


1) Campaign: This is where you set your campaign objective (Website clicks, Website Conversions, Page Likes... etc).

2) Adset: This is where you specify the targeting of your ads and bids

3) Ads: Everything ad creative related (doesn't include targeting)

Here's an example ad and how you would name it:

  • Campaign - Objective: Website Conversion
  • Adset #1 - Targeting: 18-35 Year, Malaysia old men, Interest: Cooking
  • Adset #2 - Targeting: 18-35 Year old Malaysia,women, Interest: Cooking
  • Ad (1 per adset) - Page Post Link Ad With Yellow Background

In this scenario, here's how I could name each item. (note this is a simplified example, naming conventions can go much more deeper than this)

Campaign Name: Cooking, Malaysia - Lead Generation

Why did I put cooking as the name of the campaign, despite targeting being on the adset?

It's because both adsets had cooking and Malaysia as a constant. I didn't put age group in campaign name because I wanted to split test new age groups within the same campaign.

Adset #1 Name: 18-35 Males

Adset #2 Name: 18-35 Females

Self explanatory, now I have the flexibility to test different age groups and gender combinations (Men + Female, not what you are thinking) to see what works best.Ad - Yellow Page Post Ad. This can be anything to describe the creative. For example if it was a red background, you could name the ad Red Page Post Ad.In summary, with a good naming structure you'll be able to quickly and effectively identify your campaigns, adsets and ads for easy optimization.

Let us know in the comments below if you'd like to share your own unique naming conventions!

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