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Gian Yang: A Business Degree Holder with Coding Skills

Stories from Gian Yang and the journey from a business degree holder to a coder.

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“There are always problems and roadblocks in life, you may not solve it the first time but it doesn’t mean you can’t solve it later. Keep trying, try harder.”


“Coding? I do not know a single thing about coding.”

Name: Lim Gian Yang

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur

More about Gian:

  • Graduated from Monash University, with a degree majoring in Banking Finance and Marketing
  • Interned in Maybank and was part of the organizing committee for the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2014
  • Was supposed to join the bank in October but found out about the bootcamp
  • Chose to defer employment to join the bootcamp
  • Highly active in sports and played almost all kinds of it, but plays basketball the most. Even represented Federal Territory for two consecutive years in SUMKA (basketball)
  • Is a freelance model

How did you hear about the web development bootcamp and why did you choose to join it?

I heard about the Web Development Bootcamp from the MaGIC Facebook page. I needed to know how to build a website and I thought this was a great way for me to learn how to do it. There are so many things and possibilities that one can create using a website, so I wanted to make use of the technology and help to bridge that gap and need in society. It was a privilege that I was chosen to join in as the first batch of students in this bootcamp.

What are your thoughts on the Web Development Bootcamp?

It is an intensive course that will teach you ten times more in a short period of time. I am now a Business degree holder with coding skills.

What were some of the most challenging parts of the bootcamp? And how did you overcome them?

I was struggling throughout the course as everything was new to me. But I got over that problem by asking, practicing, repeat.

Any advice on how future participants of the bootcamp can prepare before joining?

You need two things; Passion and determination.

Any big plans for you?

I will be working on the ideas that I have long kept in my idea bank. But first, I will start with LABEL, which is an app that allows users that have same piece of clothes to come up with more matching styles using user-generated content.

Any words of wisdom or shout outs?

It takes more than what you think. Keep coding and you will learn as you go. My fellow classmates are my role models. They came from all walks of life and they took the effort to work on their dreams and are the people I look up to.

At NEXT Academy, our students come from all walks of life. This is the reason why we strive as a community – we learn from one another and are all united with the desire to do better and have a common goal of wanting to make an impact on society whilst growing ourselves especially in our career and in our personal lives. Gian Yang graduated from our October 2014 intake.

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