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How is coding being used for digital marketing?

When you think about coding, digital marketing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, coding is more used in digital marketing than you might think. Find out how in this blog!

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Audrey: Hi guys! and hi Instagram people. How is coding being used for digital marketing? I think there is a lot of opportunities there. So for me I actually do digital marketing and I’ll share with you some of the places where coding becomes really prominent. So, tracking. Learning how to track things is so important. How do people move from one, you know, one page to another page? Which button did, the person click on? All this tracking bits require you to write code. Now, right now they don’t have a lot of stuff that don’t require you to write code? All this stuff requires you to write code, to actually make it happen. And sometimes, what happens if I want to actually build very interesting, you know, stuff on my website? For example, if you actually, if you come to my website you’ll get into this interesting coding game. That I cannot find any solutions out there but once you play this coding game and then you hit, you know, a certain level, let us say you hit level 10, I’m gonna unlock some very interesting presents for you. Or very interesting coupons for you. Things like that, very often you cannot find solutions out there but we’re able to build it. We are able to build it, we’re able to actually figure how to actually capture attention. Build games to actually generate leads. And those are very normal stuff.

Examples of coding being used for digital marketing

And not just that, right, you know everything you see, in fact your Facebook is actually done by coding. I’ve also known some people who actually go to Facebook at APIs to actually, to actually write scripts to launch ads so that they don’t need to actually. So that they don’t even need to go to Facebook app manager to actually set up the ads manually. They just need to just launch the ad with their program and that’s about it. You get the program to manage it, monitor it, and then if the results is not so good then they will just stop it. Those things are very normal. And some the very interesting stories I’ve heard is how about someone who actually, this is actually a very interesting one. So this person is trying to look for emails? So the first emails that he was trying to look for was emails of a bunch of companies, there is about 500, 600 companies, and he’s trying to look for the generic email. You know the, [email protected], like for us it’s [email protected] or, you know, people may have a variation for it. So 500 websites, do you go into each of the website one by one to actually look for the information? So what he did was that he wrote a script, you know, he just key in, and the best part is that he doesn’t even have the websites URL. He only had the company name. So what he did was that, he write a script, he write a program where it will input the company name. The program will go and look for the link that is related to the company name. And then will go to the different pages within the, go to the different pages within the website to look for the generic emails or whatever emails that are present in their website. And he did that and he goes to 500 websites.

Can you imagine you doing it yourself one by one? It’s gonna take a lot of time, but what he did was that he just wrote a program to make that happen. So those are some of the little things that people actually use coding for digital marketing. To scout for leads, to look for opportunities, to create the stickiness of the app. Or, you know, sometimes us marketers we may not be the ones to build the app, right? But what happens is that sometimes I still want to create some, you know, some sense of excitement on the website. I don’t need, we can just call it ourselves now, we don’t actually need people to actually do it for us. So I think that is one of the key things where you as a marketer, where you know how to code. You can actually dive into a lot of opportunities to create very different things and it’s a huge range, from tracking, from building interesting lead magnets to scraping the internet for information. All these things. There is so many stuff that you can do with using coding for digital marketing.

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