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How do I build an email list?

Email marketing is not dead! But, how do you build a proper email list?

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Jeanette: Today’s burning question is, “How do I build an email list?”

Audrey: Mmm. I guess the first thing that you can start off with is why do we need an email list in the first place, right? When you are able to get someone’s email, a few things, right? It’s one of the cheaper ways to actually re-engage the users and your followers. And I guess, not just that, right? You may have social media groups and profiles such as Facebook groups or Facebook pages, you have a bunch of followers, your Instagram accounts as well. You know, you don’t really own them.

Jeanette: Yeah. Facebook owns them.

Audrey: Yeah. No, like what happens, I’ve seen some people who’ve studied this message and say “Oh my goodness, I couldn’t access “my Facebook page and my Instagram page,” for whatever reasons, and they have no way of contacting their followers at all.

Jeanette: Yeah. And at the same time, people might decide to leave those platforms or not use them anymore. But people will usually stick with the same email for years, right?

Audrey: So there’s like, longevity or whatever.

Jeanette: yeah.

Audrey: Yeah, so now the next part is how, how do you build an email list?

Jeanette: Right, so, the thing about collecting someone’s email is that you really need to respect that, because someone is inviting you into their inbox, kind of. So, what you really need to do is make sure that you provide something of value.

Audrey: Mmhmm.

Jeanette: So, one way for them to give you their email address is if you offer them something, say if you’re an eCommerce store it could be a discount or if you’re an education company, maybe you want to give them a small resource to start with. Yeah, so, provide something of value so that there is a reason for them to put their email into your form.

Audrey: Yeah, and not just that, you know, in the future when you’re emailing them, don’t spam them please, no one likes spam.

Jeanette: Yeah, and give them the option to unsubscribe.

Audrey: But the most important thing is to give them value.

Audrey: So, the more value you give them, the longer they will stay with you. So, do you have anything else to add?

Jeanette: I think that’s all for today.

Audrey: Okay, so guys, if you have any questions in your mind feel free to ask us at NEXT Digital Marketing Lab. See you next time.

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