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How to build a marketing team?

Let's say your the new marketing manager of your company, you have to build a new marketing team... but how do you build one?

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Audrey: And today’s burning question is how to build a marketing team.

Bob: Alright, yeah, so as any company you have, you need to set the structure of your marketing team. So with digital, with different types of needs your company has, you need to actually set what is your marketing team structure like. So, but as a practitioner myself, you, when you are setting up, maybe like you need to make content as the pillar of your marketing team. So there are two parts to it, if I look at a marketing team. There is always the person in charge of paid advertising. You know the person who is in charge of performance. You know whether it is a website or the paid advertising channels, but all of that, you know, hangs on the person who is creating content. So, you know when you structure your marketing team the basics is you need at least someone who is constantly creating the content. You know whether it is organic or videos or whatever there is this content and then there is someone who is very good at the… Distribution, another tech side of the marketing team. So, you need, like, a performance guy and a content person. So that’s essentially the two basic people you need in a marketing team.

Audrey: So, for me I think it also really depends on the size of your company. So, for example, a smaller company, very often a smaller company it cannot afford to have too many people who are very specialized, for example. What they would do, is they are looking for generalists. Someone who, they may not be total experts in one view, but they know enough of everything. And this generalist would definitely be able to come up with a lot of strategy, a more and rounder holistic strategy and that’s what you need if your company is starting out or still rather small, right. But when I see some bigger companies, companies with bigger teams. What happens is that at the time they can’t afford to actually hire specialists in certain views. For example, the SEO guy, the Google ads guy, the Facebook, you know ads person, but by the end of the day they will still have a generalist and they have groups of people in each specialized station. That’s how I see, you know, different teams actually work but I think all-in-all, what one really crucial thing is that you must always make sure that everyone is aligned and have that person, might be one person or group of persons, who make sure that they can get everyone together to create a very powerful and impactful campaign.

Bob: Great, so like already talked about the generalist. So, the generalist is basically you know in the growth hacking company they call it a “T” shaped market. So, someone who is very well versed in one field of marketing, whether it is or SCO, but also knows how everything works together, like from the optimization, to you know, conversions to everything but if you’re the overseer when your team grows bigger you can have a person just doing video content, you know, have one person churning out a lot of text content. You know, like Sport actually creates 250 articles per month.

Audrey: Wow.

Bob: So, you need like someone constantly creating content, for ATO, then you would need like even some teams. Like if you look at Gary , he has an audio guy, you know a person doing audio, and he has a videographer, you know one person doing video. Then he also has a writer. So then if you go even bigger, certain companies they have a marketing mar tech operations guy. So, right now there’s a lot of mar tech staff So there is a lot of things like you know like and a lot of things that make your marketing better or maybe your there is this guy if you’re a big enough company to have sort of like a data analyst and martech roll that you know, that analyzes all the efficiencies of all the software. Anyway if you grow bigger there’s this person that actually is very key in some of the marketing teams is the customer marketing team. So besides acquiring new customers, there should be someone that is actively reaching out to your existing customers, to build the word-of-mouth or to increase customer satisfaction. So, anything else to add.

Audrey: Yeah, I think there definitely are a lot of roles out there. The bigger your team, I mean obviously the more revenue or the more profits you have, the better it is to higher very specific people or specialized people that can optimize, you know, things, right, optimize certain things within the marketing field. There’s definitely, just keep in mind, right, what are your needs, what are your current needs and yeah, do you have what it takes to actually even and well, do you have, do you have enough capital to actually get such a big team. I think that is definitely something to think about.

Bob: Yeah, so, yeah, so that’s all from us for this topic. So, for anymore questions, just visit us on the next Digital Marketing Lab.

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