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How do I get more engaged followers?

When you run different social media channels, you ideally want as many followers as possible. Gaining followers in general is easy, but how do you get more engaged followers?

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Audrey: And today’s burning question is, how do I get more engaged followers on Instagram?

Jeanette: Instagram is a really powerful tool I think. There are a lot of people on it with like huge, a huge range of interests. There’s a lot, a lot of ways that you can go about getting followers and engaged followers on Instagram. So I think maybe you wanna look at some of the things that they can do right now, like quick wins and quick things you can do, right?

Audrey: Yeah, I think, okay, the first thing that came to my mind is link in bio. If you notice all your Instagram posts and what not you can’t actually put any links there. So one best way is have a call to action. Say, hey, you know, check out my link on my bio and put an actual link on your bio so that people can go to your profile and click on the link and go to wherever you want them to be.

Jeanette: And if you have the budget for it, there are tools that you can use as well. When they click on the link in bio it takes them to a page that looks similar to your Instagram account but when they click on the same post they get linked to like a content or a product or whatever.

Audrey: Oh, that’s cool.

Jeanette: Yeah, if you have the budget for that but definitely link in bio, that’s a space that you shouldn’t waist.

Audrey: Yeah, what else?

Jeanette: I think the other thing you can look at also is optimizing your profile. So if you notice, when you search in Instagram, say, you’re searching for bars, so when you search bars, and if you search, say, places or people, usernames or names with the word bar in it will show up in the search. So think about optimizing your profile for search within your Instagram as well.

Audrey: Oh, nice. Let’s just take a look at Instagram, like latest features. I think one of the latest features would be the IGTV and the stories. So every time they have a new feature it means that they will give priority for those posts, stories or IGTV whatever content out there to appear quite often. So utilize that and I know that with stories you can actually, I mean, it’s only a few seconds but you can still link it to the post you have, right?

Jeanette: Yeah, so besides linking the story to your post you can also put hashtags that really get discovered by people who are already interested in the thing that your posting about and then if you wanna engage the followers that you already have, use thing like poles, or questions to get them to engage with you.

Audrey: On the stories side, right?

Jeanette: Yeah.

Audrey: So then you get back the engaged followers. Oh, yeah, and if you get like around like more than 10K people following you, you can actually link it to your own website.

Jeanette: Yeah, so that you have the option to include a link in your story, and when you swipe up, the user gets redirected to the link that you want them to go to. The other thing about stories, if you want engagement is also, post timing is quite important.

Audrey: Ah, okay.

Jeanette: So rather than posting all your stories at one go, you might wanna do like a series of three stories now and then maybe three hours later another series of stories. So that way you have new content and your story circle keeps getting bumped up to the front.

Audrey: Oh nice, that is a really, really smart way of doing things. Yeah, I think those are one of the few ways that people like you can immediately utilize to try to get more engaged followers.

Jeanette: If you’re looking to get new followers, one thing you can do is do a bit of research and look for a concept or profiles that are within the same niche as you. And then look at the people who are following them and try to engage with those followers.

Audrey: Yeah, that’s a very smart tactic as well. Such a girl factor. Alright, I think that’s pretty much it. Okay, so if you guys have anymore burning questions like this feel free to ask us at Next Digital Marketing Lab. See you.

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