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How can content be measured?

When you publish a lot of content on your social media channels, you're already doing a great job! But, how can you measure the effectiveness of your content?

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Bob: Today we’re gonna go through questions. And we hope you get the value out of this for content. It’s a great question, I think Felicia, I think she’s on Instagram. Hi Felicia, so this is Felicia’s question. How can content be measured? And do you have measurement metrics that are universally accepted?

Audrey:I love this question. So I think, how can content be measured? I think we say, that there are few ways to look at, you know, where you measure content, right? For example, just like what we say, if you post it on social media, how engaged they are, right? How people are engaging with your content? Or if it’s SEO related, is it appearing at the pages that you want? Where is it appearing? Or how many back links are there to this page? But, at the same time, the tip one would be conversion on the content, right? If you create this content, of course you want some level of conversions, like, oh, you write this content as some people will, you know, maybe put in as, become a sign-up, become a lead on on your email list, on this content.

Bob: Yep.

Audrey: Then, you can calculate, okay this content, compared to other contents, this click to read. Or no, this content has the highest, generally the highest amount of leads. So there are, I think there are, these three ways, off my head, yeah, these three ways of you actually measuring content.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Audrey: Yeah, and I think, what are the metrics? This, as I just mentioned. When it comes to engagement, you can just check, you know? How engaged are people on social media? When it comes to SEO related content, measurement metrics. You want to see back links. You want to see SERP, right?

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Audrey: I think that’s number two. And then number three when it comes to, when we talk about conversion, you can calculate it based on conversion, based on how many leads you get. Or maybe a conversion is based on how many clicks. Then you need to be able to check those things, right? So, the key thing is that, tip one, when it comes to conversion, you need to make sure you set up the tracking properly, and attribute it back to the right content pieces that you have created.

Bob: Cool. In terms of SEO, I think, you can, you can go to, I wanna to shout out to, where I learned digital marketing as well. You can go and test this all the times and go to Basimo. So, when I create, okay, go back to content strategy. When I create a content, you know, I always try to create something that people will share.

Audrey: yeah.

Bob: So, one way to check if it’s a text content where people share, is through a tool. I think sometimes it’s free, sometimes you pay for a better version. It’s best to mostly check where your content is shared. And then, in terms of social media, like, you know, if you’re an s-guide or m-guide, you of course see the amount of see the amount of shares and the amount of views. So it’s not too much a metric. It goes by, if you are just a content creator, it goes just by views and also by shares. So, in terms of SEO, you always look at where people are sharing it. Is it a reputable site, sharing your article? Is it some influencer sharing your article? And also, like, Naora said, sometimes, when we create content, we can run it a little bit like an engagement app.

Audrey: Yes.

Bob: So, just put in the right, you know, UTM codes or right tracking. And then you will know whether this content converts. Or whether this content drives traffic to your site. So, basically that’s–

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