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How do I monetise my blog?

If you're writing a blog for you company, you're already doing something most don't. The next step could be to monetise your blog. But how do you do it?

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Jeanette: today’s burning question is, “How do I monetize my blog?” So a lot of people, you know they, you look at all these people talking about, “Oh, you know I’m a blogger, and I’ve made like this much money,” and we’ve had people come up to us and say like “oh, how can, like I wanna write a blog, it’s on “how can I make money by blogging?”

Audrey: Yeah. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of those. So, here are some ways that I could think of off my head right now. Number One is, you know, if your blog, right, actually has a certain image, for example you like to talk about pets You talk about, you like to talk about, not just your pets, but events, as well as the things that you buy for your dogs and your cats, for example. One way we would do that is to actually input affiliate links to the products that you love a lot and when you are talking about the pets, reviewing the products at the same time as saying how good these things are, readers would just come into the page and say “Hey, I would like this product as well.” And bam, you know, there’s this product link there, and they click into it, and yeah, you get a commission out of it. So that’s one way to actually monetize your blog.

Jeanette: And let’s say you’re someone who’s very creative maybe, and you write a lot of interesting content you might actually even want to consider putting, like, a Paypal button, or a way for readers to contribute. Yeah, you know, there are a lot of people who want to support Hot Disk, and the work that they do it doesn’t have to be a lot, it can be like, “just buy me a cup of coffee” Yeah, two or three dollars, kind of thing.

Audrey: I’ve seen some people using Patreon, and they have different tiers of content, and what’s interesting is that they have this, like, you know the public tier and then, you know, like “Level One member tier, five bucks for the month.” They have this, like, VIP Only tier paying x amount of money What I find really interesting, one example was this guy who actually reviews headphones

Jeanette: Alright

Audrey: And, and he has this VIP tier, and people actually join it, because every headphones that he actually reviews will increase in price. So what you’ll do is say, “want to get into the VIP group,” and, you know, have the first dibs of what’s, you know, the next upcoming headphone. So I think that’s very interesting as well. Any more ideas?

Jeanette: You mentioned we have market ming collector

Audrey: That’s really awesome.

Jeanette: Other ways could be if let’s say you want to send out a newsletter, maybe with more interesting content maybe only people who pay can receive that content. The other thing, maybe if you have a big enough audience could be to sell your own product. Let’s say you’ve been blogging about makeup for a really long time, say for example Shofan. So she’s been creating content about makeup for the longest time, and then she decides to, you know, create her own brand of makeup, you know, cater for like Asian skin, and then she decided to sell that as well. So there are a lot of ways that you can use your blog, or use content to make money.

Audrey: I think one of the simplest ways would be accents. Some people use accents these days. Yeah, I think it’s fine. You’re not, you don’t expect, you know, to have too much money, unless your blog is really big.

Jeanette: yeah, if you have huge traffic.

Audrey: If you have huge traffic, sometimes what’s good is actually to privatize those spaces, and sell those spaces to people, you probably get more money off that.

Jeanette: yeah, or even brands might approach you to, you know write something about their products, or something like that If you have a big enough audience.

Audrey: Yeah. I mean, everything takes time to build.

Jeanette: I think that’s pretty much it. If you have any other questions

Audrey: Feel free to ask us on Next Digital Marketing Lab. See you!

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