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How to start creating content?

When you realise you need to create content for your social media channels, you already made a good start. You know what needs to be done... but how do you start creating content?

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Bob: Today we’re going to go to questions, and hope you get the value out of this for content.

Audrey: So a firefighter asked how to start creating content.

Bob: I think I talked about this before with someone from NaTIS So how to start creating content, it all depends on your strength. So some people are very good at writing. Some are very good just talking to a camera like this. Some are very, very good in–

Audrey: Creating videos, design.

Bob: Yeah, design, creating graphics. So how does that creating, actually there’s no sweet spot, it’s just “start.” Just start and start from what you are good at. So if you are, especially if your question is how to start, if you are, last time we talked about your resources, if you are a one-person team or a two-person team, of course, leverage your strength. If you are very good at writing, so get a whole team to create a lot of reading content. So that’s my point of view. How do you know me?

Audrey: I think there is two paths to it. Just like what you said, one path is where you leverage on your strengths, right? That’s one easy way for you to start off straight away, but at the same time, you look at the platforms these days and I think right now, 2019, video seems to be obviously video seems to be one thing that’s going crazy and why? Because Facebook, let’s just take Facebook for example. They are giving a lot of attention to videos, to live broadcasts, and because of that, you might just want to shift your content strategy to be a little bit, to look into live stuff as well as videos. So I think when you want to start creating content, the easiest way is to always start off with something that you’re strong at. At the same time, keep in mind what are these platforms emphasizing right now. It’s not that we are penalizing other forms of content, it’s just that we are emphasizing on certain forms of content. So for you, like what you said, start off with something that you think you are good with. Secondly, just pay attention to what is the trend right now.

Bob: I have a third thing I want to add to that. The reason why I say “start with something that you are strong with,” is nowadays you can actually repurpose the content. So imagine you are, this life, we are talking right now so we will probably cut this video into many parts, put in on LinkedIn, put it wherever. Secondly, if you start creating a lot of videos, we can also transcribe the videos, so now if we rewrite it, it can be text content. So that’s called repurposing. Thirdly, if we strip out the audio, then it can be a podcast. So we went from creating what you are strong at, you can get someone to repurpose it into different forms. So start creating whatever you can. So if, for example, you’re good at writing, so once you’ve written a bunch of articles, then just sit down, hey maybe you can put an article onto Lumen5 which is a free, shout-out to Lumen5 which is a free video creation application where you put in your blog articles and it will turn into videos. So once you start creating content, there’s always a lot of ways to repurpose it.

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