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Improving Workplace Efficiency With Digital Marketing & Coding

People often see digital skills as separated from their day-to-day work especially when they are from a different background. Do you know that you can use digital marketing & coding skills to improve efficiency?

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In this final part of the premium content series, we’re going to talk about how to use Digital Marketing and Coding to improve workplace efficiency.”Workplace efficiency” refers to improving any area which improves business outcomes.

Example: Internal processes, hiring, marketing, team communication.

Startups have become very adept at utilizing technology to get quick results, as they often have to save costs and are very agile when it comes to trying new digital tools (assuming there’s a free trial).Let’s look at some examples:

Slack is a team communication tool which not only lets you create different groups and send private messages (much like Whatsapp), you can also integrate many different tools into your Slack app. For example, if your sales team spends a lot of time on Slack communicating, you can have Live Chat messages immediately notify you on Slack the moment you receive an enquiry so you can give a speedy reply.

There are also many other apps which integrate with Slack for functions such as mentioned earlier. You can view the full list here.

Having knowledge in coding can help you in the following ways:

  1. Easily make connections as to how these apps work in synergy with one another to improve work efficiency
  2. Quickly setup integrations and test these tools
  3. Most of these tools have “APIs” which let you build integrations to allow the tools to interact with your own platforms

Let’s look at another example.

Trello is a productivity tool which has multiple functions in the workplace. To name a few:

  1. Team/Individual To-do or prioritization list
  2. Lead-pipeline for sales teams
  3. HR hiring pipeline tool
Interface of Trello, a to-do list app for indivuiduals or teams

The board view makes it easy to run all the functions mentioned above.Let’s look at function #2 and #3.

These “boards” can be populated programmatically through Trello’s API. You basically have to “send” the data about your incoming leads or interviewees from different platforms to Trello for further action by your teams.

For example, a lead acquired via Facebook’s Lead Ad can be automatically sent to your Trello board (via 3rd party tools like Zapier), where your inbound sales team can then follow up with them.

If you use online forms for hiring candidates, the hiring process can also be streamlined as you can send people who fill in Google Forms or Typeform directly into your Trello board.

The possibilities are endless!For all the integration work to happen, knowledge of coding can help you make sense of everything and set things up quickly.

By the way, in our article on real life application by using digital skill, undefined we touched on how one of our coding graduates Zac, built a script which basically automated the manual task of searching for data within loads of documents. Imagine being able to have a robot complete all the manual labour tasks in your organization. The value is priceless and can save you a lot of resources in the long run.

What about Digital Marketing?

Every single businesses needs a marketing team or engage in marketing activities. The fact is, digital marketing is the NEW marketing.Digital marketing lets you test ideas rapidly and produce measurable results.

Read: Measurable.

Gone are the days of buying media with a rough estimate of number of impressions or eyeballs. Now, with digital marketing everything is trackable, from the impression or click down to the sale.

Companies big or small can innovate quickly with the use of “Minimum Viable Products“, which allows businesses to rapidly test their biggest assumptions about their idea and gauge product market fit. Once you’ve found something which works, you can dedicate more marketing and sales resources to it for maximum impact.

For example, before launching a new product you can run Facebook ads to a survey form to get feedback on your idea, that way you will know that you aren’t building something people don’t want. It only takes a few hours to setup and can potentially save you lots of resources.

If you’re a website owner or sell things online, today, there are even tools which optimizes your websitefor you, by programmatically choosing how to optimize your page for the highest conversion rate.Imagine you own an online store, these tools can decide which are your best performing products by crunching the data and displaying the highest performing products on your front page, resulting in even more sales.

Technology and digital tools are changing the ways business operate on a daily basis. We hope this article gave you some insight as to the possibilities once you embrace digital. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming webinar.

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