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How do I increase conversion in email?

Email marketing is getting more difficult because it's being used less often nowadays. So, how do you increase conversion in email?

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Audrey: And today’s burning question is, “How do I increase conversions on email?” So what’s your thoughts?

Jeanette:So the thing about email is that this list is made up of people who they’ve taken the first action to sort of like say, hey, yeah, it’s okay for you to send me stuff but you shouldn’t misuse that and whenever you send them emails it should always be something of value. So, I think on email marketing as like a long-term thing. A way to like build trust and to kinda like become friends with your lead. If you’re sharing a lot of value over time, you would have built trust. But in time you decide to like share something good with them, which is say a product that you’re selling, they will already trust you enough to like click on it and buy it, right? Yeah and then the other thing is that your email, obviously, part of building trust is making it look good and, depending on who your audience is, you might want to think about the design of your email as well but, at the end of the day, I think to increase conversions you want to reduce the friction for purchase.

Audrey: Got it, got it.

Jeanette: So, when you put button or linking your email, make it easy for them to just click and get to the page where they can.

Audrey: Yeah, I think for me one key thing is always know the objective of the email that you’re writing or the email that you’re sending out. Let someone have a next step. So be it, hey, check out my blog. Hey, do you want to purchase this product? Hey, you wanna talk to me? I think don’t just let people read your email and not knowing what to do next, right? Give them the option to reach out to you and I think that would actually also help increase the conversion of your emails.

Jeanette: Yeah.

Audrey: Yeah. You have anything else to add?

Jeanette: Yeah, I agree with that. So, every email you send out should have, not every conversion is a purchase, right?

Jeanette: So insane. It could be like a reply or click. So read or something like that. So, you really need to know what your conversion is for that particular email.

Audrey: Yep. So, I think that’s pretty much it. Okay, thank you so much for this question, it’s a really good one, and if you guys have anymore questions to ask us, feel free to reach out to us at NEXT Digital Marketing Lab.

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