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Is email marketing dead?

In the good old days, you'd receive several emails from companies you signed up for. Nowadays, it's much less. But, is email marketing really dead?

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is email marketing dead

Bob: And today’s burning questions is, is email marketing dead. So what do you think Audrey?

Audrey: Um, it’s really interesting because people often come up to me and say, hey Audrey you know, I don’t usually open a lot of emails anymore. Like, how are you going to be sending a lot of emails? At some point when I thought about that it could be true. But it’s not necessarily to say it’s already dead because there are a lot of services out there who still use it and who are still able to write a lot of profits out of it. So I think when you want to do email marketing, what is really important is to give value to the people who are receiving your emails. Right? Don’t spam them. Don’t bombard them with things that is not useful for them. When you give value people will give back to you and people are willing to open your emails to read. Hey, what value are you giving to me?

Bob: All right, what I think is that email marketing is not really dead but certainly it gets more competitive. So what Audrey said is you need to offer value or you know you need to provide some very valuable content in a way. So there’s a lot of things that you can do to stand out you know, whether it’s your subject or whether it’s the content. So it’s the great way to build relationships. So right now a lot of B2B marketers or all the hype to get items that you sell you need email marketing because it’s a way to build relationships and also a very good way to you know, educate your customers. So you know, from time to time if you receive clips and education about the product it’s definitely a very good way to sustain that relationship.

Audrey: Yeah, that sounds great. I think another thing that everyone should keep in mind is that different markets may use you know, different tools right? We still use email but let’s just say if you look at China, email is not something that you use very often anymore. So there is different ways of communicating with people. The concepts are still the same. You are still supposed to give value to the people who are receiving whatever you’re offering them. They may not be using emails but they’re using a variation of what email used to be.

Bob: All right so, just think of your email marketing as, you know, a way to maintain relationships. So in the past, without email you probably have to visit the clients office for lunch every week. So it’s a way to expedite that. So that’s all we have for email marketing. So for more of your burning questions, please visit at Next Academy Digital Marketing Lab.

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