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Is Facebook a Good Platform for a Person who is Doing B2B Marketing?

Is Facebook suitable for B2B marketing? Find out in this blog!

Martijn van Beek
December 16, 2019

Is Facebook a Good Platform for a Person who is Doing B2B Marketing?

Bob: Hey, guys! Hi, Instagram. Is Facebook a good platform for a person doing B2B marketing?

Xin-Ci: So what I always say is that businesses actually comprise of more humans. We're all people, right? A business is not like an unknown entity. They're all human. And the people who make decisions in businesses are people. So, technically, you're still talking to people. And what we do though is really important, remember that. All these people, especially in Southeast Asia, they're probably on Facebook as well. It's just a lot less straightforward.

Content targeting

Like here, if you're like a travel agency, or like you sell air tickets and hotels, you can say, "Oh, people who are traveling to a certain country" or who are interested in traveling to a certain country. You can actually use interest targeting that way. But for B2B, it's very rare that people list their job on Facebook. Especially if you're a small business. If I own a retail store, like, I don't know, the antique truck fan store next door, she's not going to say, "I am the CEO "and the founder of truck five." I mean, they're never going to say that. And they'll just leave job empty or use some other like weird ninja, coffee, baker, kind of title. So you won't be able to target that way. Instead, you would have to target to content, you can target using different kinds of interest targeting. Yeah, it's just a lot less straightforward but it is possible, we do it all the time.

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