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SEO strategies for 2019

Here are the best SEO strategies for 2019!

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Audrey: And today’s burning question is SEO strategies for 2019 so it’s search engine optimization strategies for 2019. Alright, you start first.

Jeanette: Okay so, one of the things I’ve been seeing a lot more of is the use of voice search. So you know, they’re so used to like those home devices and even on your phone and all that people are using their voice to search and, it’s a lot more different compared to how people would search if they were typing. So see you’re typing and you wanna find out something about starting a beehive in your home or something like that you might search for start bee keeping, or like learn how to keep bees. But when people do a voice search they would do something like hey Google, how do I start a beehive in my home? As you can see it’s a lot longer and the way it’s phrased is very different, the key words would be different as well. Yeah so one of the things that, I think people need to think differently about in 2019 is to not just think about keywords but think about user intent. Like why are they asking that particular question? If they’re asking about bee keeping, are they, you know, do they wanna start or do they want to know how to like get more honey from your bees, so think a lot more about user intent rather than focus on like very specific keywords, and try to optimize your content to sort of like upsell what you’re actually searching for. Even though the keywords might not be entirely clear.

Audrey: That’s really good advice, right. I think on my end, I’m thinking about you know structuring your content. So, I was talking to Janet and you know, we were just saying that how Google, we’re googling something, the homepage they usually have these info cards there. And immediately you have those answers there straight away, sometimes you don’t even bother to click into the links anymore, you just look at the cards you’re like okay, now let’s just move on, move on with our lives. But, you know, that’s good for us as, I guess as consumers as users, right? But it’s not really good for brands right? It’s not really good if you are the company, and you you know, put so much effort into making this content and people are only going to Google homepage, look at the info card and not coming into your website as well. So definitely need to think about how to use structure in a way where people will want to come into your page. When they’re looking at info cards. We want to create the need for them to say hey, I want to find out more, I want to see more geckos and I want to go straight to see, step by step or steps, or go straight into your blog to see those geckos. I think that is definitely very important.

Jeanette: Yeah, we’re all about the click through right?

Audrey: Yeah, if people are not clicking through, what’s the point of creating those content?

Jeanette: Or even if they don’t click through maybe you want to make sure that your brand presence is strong enough in what appears on that Google info card right? Maybe the images perhaps.

Audrey: Yeah, I think, one key thing I noticed recently, is that for example on Facebook and on Instagram there was once when I was opening on my laptop and for whatever reason that you need to, but I think it was Instagram, but there was descriptions of what the picture is about, and so happenly, the person who actually posted that picture was my colleague, and said hi did you actually write description of your images is this what you’re doing? She’s like no, I didn’t write that at all, and I think what I noticed, the same goes on Google as far, you know in the past, you know in the past all these platforms that we have they couldn’t exactly see images, they required, they needed a human to actually tell them what are those images but today, we’ve had a rise of machine learning and everything it’s becoming smarter and smarter and they know what’s on those images already. So one very crucial thing is really, you know in your images, definitely put your brand in there somewhere, somehow, so that when people you know look at those images and it may or may not have, you know, the description that you want for it, but when they look at the images and they see your brand and they, you know, associate back to you, that’s going to be quite powerful. Yeah, do you have anything else to add?

Jeanette: Yeah, I would say look beyond Google as well, for search. You know things like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, they’re all search engines, and you know, they are some people who live within those ecosystems right? And if your audience lives in one of those, you may want to look into optimizing your content within those ecosystems as well. So not just stuff they appear on Google but let’s see so on YouTube you wanna make sure that your title, your description, your text, they’re all optimized for the YouTube search engine. You can do that with like Pinterest as well.

Audrey: Yeah I think there are definitely a lot of proprieties in, for SEO this year, sometimes I know you read some articles that say oh SEO is dead, stop like this. It’s not dead, it’s just transforming right? And it’s transforming to be better, to be more user focused, so SEO marketers, the good thing is that you don’t need to worry too much about those technical details already, but you know, what you really need right now is to be able to empathize with your users. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it.

Jeanette: Yeah.

Audrey: okay, so you guys have more burning questions like this, feel free to, you know, reach out to us at next digito marketing lab. See you!

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