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What’s the difference between SEO and Google Ads?

Sometimes, you lose track of all the different terms on the internet. What exactly is the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads? Both seem to do the same, but do they?

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Audrey: And today’s winning question is “What’s the difference between Google Ads and SEO?” So what do you think, Bob?

Bob: So, Google Ads is an amazing way to reach a high tech audience. So when somebody searches for something on Google, specifically for Google, they are actually very interested in the product or service. So you are actually reaching people who are at the middle or the bottom of the funnel who are ready to buy. Whereas SEO does the same thing, but Google Ads reach out to more than just Google searches. They reach out to display ads, they’re going to gmail apps. So any thoughts you have on SEO?

Audrey: Well I think by the end of the day, when it comes to Google Ads and SEO, we talk about how much money and time we need to spend, right? So Google Ads, obviously you spend money, but for SEO you need to spend the time. So in terms of sustainability, I think SEO is the way to go, SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. You want to be ranked, you know, on the first page of Google. But definitely you want it to be sustainable, you want it to be there for months or even up to years. But with Google Ads you need to pay to be appearing there. So I think it’s definitely good to have both in mind, both strategies need to work together really well.

Bob: SEO is great, as Audrey said, for a long term strategy, but it takes time to build the content and also optimize your website. Another advantage when it comes to Google Ads is you’re able to target the brand names of your competitors. It’s very hard for you to optimize, like if you’re Coca-Cola it’s very hard for you to optimize for Pepsi. So Google Ads is a way, so if for example Coca-Cola wants to get all the people who are interested in Pepsi, they can potentially put an ad for people interested in Pepsi. So that’s the advantages of Google Ads. SEO is of course a very, it takes time for you to see the results but it’s a great strategy that you should do on a long term.

Audrey: That sounds great, and if you have any questions, or something that you want to ask about, feel free to join us at our next digital marketing lab.

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