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How much content is too much content?

Creating and publishing content consistently is key to getting more engaged followers. But how much content is too much content?

Yin Chu Rijnaard
April 10, 2019

Bob: Today we're gonna go through questions and hope you get the value out of this for content.

Audrey: Let's just take a look at this question: How much content is too much content and how can content be managed not to overwhelm the users? Very good question, I really like that.

Bob: Yeah, that is a very good question. So, as a brand, sometimes you think, oh, how much content is too much content? So, among the famous brands, all the very good brands, they actually create a lot of content all the time. Especially on Instagram to leverage on the algorithm, you actually need to post multiple times per day to leverage the algorithm. So how much content is too much content, is too much content, I don't think, because of the frequency. What I think is it's too much content if it's too repetitive or it's too similar. When you look at the same content all the time, if it's similar, even with a similar background, people will think it's the same content.

Audrey: Yeah, I think for me, when it comes to, okay, how much content is too much content, sometimes people ask in a few ways, right? Let's just talk first about platforms like Instagram, to leverage on the algorithm you need to have quite a number of content. People post multiple times a day, right? Not just stories, posts and stories, both of them. And then when it comes to Facebook, Facebook pages, right? Business, when it comes to Facebook pages, less is more, because there are so many businesses that's popping up, everyone's creating a new page every day, and everyone of us probably, I think I have easily like 50 to 100 pages that I follow, so I can't be visiting multiple content from each of them every day. So what Facebook is doing is that they are reducing the number of reach for Facebook pages and they pretty much say this: If you want to ever use content, organic reach is falling really drastically for Facebook pages, so what you can do is to actually make sure that the content you put out is very valuable. That will be the best. So, for Instagram, I would post a lot of stuff, but for Facebook, I would post selectively. I think that's in terms of platform. I think in terms of when it comes to SEO ranking, right?

Bob: Yes, the more, the better.

Audrey: Yeah, the more, the better, 2000 words, 3000 words, you know, 4000 words! But I think, regardless, there's no such thing as too much content if you are really giving value. If people think that you are giving value, people will say, oh, this is good content.

Bob: So, just a example, there's quite a famous influencer called Gary Vaynerchuk.

Audrey: yes, that's him.

Bob: So, he posts so many times on Facebook and so many times on Instagram, but what you can see, every single post in the same day is very, very different, because he creates a lot of content and how he does it is, okay, back to content strategy, he switches it around. He has one video on Q & A, next video on him talking, third video is a quote and he mixes it around throughout the day, but because he's so aggressive, he does post six to eight times per day. But the way he does it is he mix up the types of content. So that's one way, if you want to post a lot of content.

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