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What traits do you want in a digital marketer?

So, you want to hire a new digital marketer for your company? Here are the traits you should be looking for!

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Audrey: And today’s burning question is what traits do you want in a digital marketer? Very good question, so maybe you could start off this.

Bob: So at Next Academy we have digital marketing products launch with Camp Hill that in five weeks you know, ideally you’ll learn how to be a digital marketer. When throughout this bootcamp we actually identify you know the traits that makes a very good digital marketer because they ask through their step ready perform very well in the bootcamp. So one of the things that I realized at student who really you know make an impact in their work after they leave the bootcamp is, you know the level of inquisitiveness.

So as a marketer, you know, trends always change you know, platforms always change, you know like, the software changes so as a marketer you always have to have the inquisitive nature to ask questions, to try out new things, to test out new things, so one of the things I really see you know to be a good digital marketer is to be very curious and to try new things, what else?

Audrey: For me it is someone who is able to you know, to look from the eyes of a customer or a user. I think that is very important for me because by the end of the day digital marketing is about communicating to another person, right. And I think one of the biggest things that I see is when people think about digital marketing, they always want to tell you how good they are like, oh, I’m great, you should choose me but you know, to the customer or to the person who potentially is buying it they really sometimes they don’t really car about that, what they care about is, you know, are you going to be sowing my pain, do you understand what I’m facing right now, so one key thing that I tend to look at is, the ability of the digital marketer in emphasizing with a customer and this people will usually be able to come up with a range of customer avatar, be very you know strong, specific and emotional messages that can reach out to the customer at the class. And I really, really love, I really love it when I see someone be able to put on multiple caps, put on different customer avatars that’s puts on us when you’re looking in a product and then you are thinking about marketing.

Bob: Great, that’s great. So understanding the customer, you know, and having the empathy to you know, to understand whoever it is you know, going to potentially buy your product it’s very key. One more thing I would like to add is more like you need to be sort of like a goal driven person. So when we were running the bootcamp, you know, we will often you know give, that you market your own products. So as a marketer as well you need to know what are your objectives, you know, whether it’s to you know, get leads, or to you know, increase sales. So as a effective marketer you need to know who the performance of your advertising, or the performance out of conversions, your website, so as a marketer as well, you know, I call it always on but you need to be always there, you know, of your results or the performance of your ads. So that goal driven person, he needs to know, hey, I want to get more sales, you know, there is not one way to get sales, there is so many channels so he needs to know or he or she needs to know what is the most efficient way to get that objective. So you know, being understanding your customer and you know, knowing your objective and being you know, test, always be testing different things. Is very key when it comes to being a marketer.

Audrey: Yeah. I love what you’re saying, like always be testing, always remember that marketing, there is no silver bullets right, there is really, really no silver bullets, you always seek to test your market. Something that work in this investor in this business it might not work for you and that is the fact of life. What I really like it is when people are not afraid of failure, people are not afraid of testing and experimenting new new growth ideas. But one key thing is definitely know what is the reason we work right, if you know that this is something that is unproven yet you don’t know if it’s going to work out you’re not going to put tens of thousands in this necessity, this you know advertising campaign. You will need to find ways you know to think about what is a way to validate if whatever my hypothesis about. You know, this demographic, if it works or not, if this message works or not and I think one more thing that I really like looking at is when it comes hiring, it’s when the person is proactive enough to come up to me and tell me straight like, I see that there is this customer avatar, this is how I’m going to target them, this is what I think they will need, this is how I am going to reach out to them, what are the messages, what are the ways, where would they be, what are the ways for me to target them, distribute to them, and I think for someone who is willing to put in that sort of effort, right, it really tells a lot about that person, not just in terms not just in terms of obviously commitment but in terms of this person is willing to sit down and think through a holistic funnel, a holistic digital marketing campaign for my company as opposed to just, oh yeah, you should just run Facebook ads now. Right, I mean I don’t really need that any more, I need someone who is willing to look at the whole picture. And that’s what I’m looking for in a digital marketer.

Bob: Great stuff. The last thing that I want to add is you know, I think this is sort of the first point I’ve made but it’s more than that so one of the things I always say is always be learning. That’s why you are in this group, that’s why you are asking questions so you know, digital marketing is always changing so, even as a marketer myself I am always learning new places to run ads, you know, I’m looking Quora, I’m looking at LinkedIn ads, there’s always new avenues to learn and for me as well I always look up to different marketers in different fields, so somebody might be doing you know, marketing for products then there’s something to learn as well. Somebody might be doing a lot of marketing in you know, hotels or tourism then they’re different skills to somebody who might be a B2B marketer. So as a marketer that’s why you’re in this group. Always be learning this, always something new to learn and that’s always a better way to do marketing, so always be learning.

Audrey: Yeah, well guys, continue to learn and continue to be curious and don’t be afraid of failure. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask us at the next digital marketer lab.

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