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What is content strategy?

As a business, you probably post a lot of things on your social media channels. But do you have a strategy for it? You probably even ask yourself, what IS content strategy?

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What is content strategy?

Bob: Today we’re gonna go to questions. And hope you get the value out of this for content. So the first question is from Louise Lim. So she asks, Miss Lim asks you know, define content strategy. So Audrey, can you tell us like, how do we sort of define content strategy? It’s a term that came up not too long ago. Content has been around for a long time but you know, as a marketer how do we define content strategy?

Audrey: I think for me it’s very simple. When it comes to content it’s all about you know, creating value. And when you’re creating value, you need to think about your customer avatar. And you just think about how your journey is like, right, because for example, if my customer avatar is someone who, I’ll just think about, okay, someone who is probably getting married okay? Yeah? So they have a journey, it really depends on how, you know, what am I offering and what generally I am trying to look into. Is this person just got engaged or is this person looking for a wedding band? You see, there is a lot of a journey for them to move on from someone who is preparing for their wedding to the point of time where they are getting married, and even after they get married, you know I, that’s to say if I am a jewelry company, I will want to think about their anniversary and so on and so forth. So there is a journey altogether. So I think when it comes to content strategy, I think that’s something you need to look into.

Bob: Yep. Um, for me, content strategy is, it’s quite a big thing. So it involves around when I do, you know, my it involves from the creation to the scheduling to the planning of the distribution of the content.

Audrey: Yeah, definitely.

Bob: So like, it also involves the resources that you have, you know, like how big is your team. So if your team is ah, it depends on your capabilities, you know, so we come up with a content strategy first of all to achieve your marketing objectives you know? For NEXT Academy our objectives are you know, of course to get more students for our boot camps. So it’s all about how you tie in to your objectives and how you manage your resources and also how are you going to plan from creation to publication to distribution. So strategy involves a lot of things, and later we’ll go on to distribution. So you need to know what is the timeline when it comes to creation, from creation to distribution. So you manage um, sort of your resources to see how you’re going to achieve your objectives. So I think that in a nutshell is content strategy, so I align your constant capabilities to your objectives.

Audrey: Yeah. I think Jeremy Cure also asks, what is the best approach when it comes to developing content strategy? Just like, I think what both of us just said, I think that pretty much answers that as well. Definitely thinking about you know, whatever, in your company what resources do you guys have, and also I think from a customer journey point of view.

Bob: Yep, a customer journey point of view, just to elaborate is you want to first introduce you know, what are the benefits of the product, to introduce your brand to this. Content is so broad that you know, you can create content out of anything. So the best approach in my point of view, because I work with a lot of companies who are starting up, is you need to be very practical when it comes to your resources. So later we’ll tell you how to create content but it all, if you have like a ten person team to a three person team–

Audrey: It’s very different right? It’s very different.

Bob: yeah it’s very different approaches when it comes to your content distribution and also your creation of your content.

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