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Why Should a Business Owner Learn Digital Marketing?

You are a business owner but you don't know anything about digital marketing? Find out in this blog why you should learn digital marketing as a business owner!

Martijn van Beek
December 16, 2019

Bob: Hey guys! Hi Instagram! Why should a business owner learn digital marketing? There's a lot of things to handle like finance, like hiring, and there's so many things to hire, but why should they learn digital marketing?

Xin-Ci: So, one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail is they don't make enough sales to cover costs. It is true, right? Revenue. So how do you bring in revenue? Well, you can wait organically and it will come to you. Or by learning marketing, you can actually drive traffic. Now when you're first starting and you're small, you might not have money to employ a digital marketer or even engaging agencies. So this is where learning how to do it on your own can really, really help you grow your business more efficiently. Now, once you actually have something scalable, why understanding at the very least digital marketing is good, is so it can help you hire the right people. I mean, I hate to say it, but there are a lot of con jobs that are popular out there.

There really are people who say "I'm going to guarantee you sales" and that's a load of shit, right? That doesn't really happen, but by understanding digital marketing, really understanding the metrics, the KPIs, you're able to then assess and hire, even if you're going to go with an agency, an agency that is reputable and you can actually track to see  whether they are doing what they are supposed to be doing without additional marketing understanding, then you just actually get conned.

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