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7 Things That Might Happen In An Online Marketing Course In Malaysia

Looking for an online marketing course in Malaysia? Here are 7 things that might happen if you enroll in one... Hint: NEXT Academy.

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7things that might happen

As 2016 comes to an end, more and more people are searching for online marketing courses in Malaysia. Not surprisingly, with the local currency plummeting due to all the craziness happening in the world, people are looking for new avenues to generate side income, and online marketing allows people to do so… and even make money in foreign currencies.

Heck, even the Malaysian government has been putting more focus on the digital economy.We’ve noticed this trend for sometime, which is why here at NEXT academy, we’ve been trying hard to fill the demand for online marketing courses with our Digital Marketing Bootcamp… with some astonishing yet bizarre results.

Here are 7 notable ones if you’re looking to join an online marketing course like ours

1) You might earn your first prospect through Facebook Ads

One of the things we teach at NEXT Academy is how to use Facebook Ads to get leads and prospects. One of our students who launched his first Facebook Ad got his first lead within 10 minutes! (True Story). As it was already night time, we then followed up with the prospect the next morning via phone call. We hope he managed to close him.

2) You might become a mini YouTube celebrity

Content Marketing for SEO is an important component of any online marketing course. You’ll need to diligently create content (like this article you are reading) to show Google you are providing relevant, timely, interesting content to searchers on Google’s search engine. Check out one of the videos made by our students.

3) Your work might get featured on online publications like Vulcan Post

Speaking of video content, one of our mentors who had connections with PR outlets managed to get our students’ work featured on Vulcan Post. It was definitely a value-added bonus for our students who were not expecting it and this definitely got them some free PR juice for their business. (not to mention a backlink which is important for SEO)

4) You might learn online marketing secrets no one tells you about

Possibly the best part about joining an online marketing course in a classroom format, is that you get to rub shoulders and ask your most burning questions about digital marketing to your instructors. Often times they bring in years of experience to the table so you can ask them anything under the sun from Facebook advertising secrets to the best tools they use to spy on their competitors.

5) You might get a new job

We think the goal many would strive for when they join an online marketing course in Malaysia is to ultimately get employed. One of our students who came from a PR background nailed herself a job as a content marketing/PR specialist with one of our friends who run a startup! Kudos to her, we’re always happy when our graduates get hired. One thing to note however, when it comes to employment it definitely boils down to how hard you want to work to get a job, as well as build your portfolio once you’ve acquired your new online marketing skills.

6) You might get first dibs at fresh products

At our digital marketing bootcamp, we also teach you how to validate and test your own business idea. One student took it to the next level by trying out her product on her fellow classmates.

Check out this video:

7) You might make lifelong friends

We try to create a group learning environment in our Digital Marketing Bootcamp. It’s a great way to make your students feel a sense of togetherness and who knows, form life long bonds or find a potential business partner. In one of our exercises, we got the students into groups and create a Whatsapp group to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming activity. The rest they say… was history.

Students of NEXT Academy's Digital Marketing Bootcamp with their mentors

All in all, if you’re looking to join an online marketing course in Malaysia, these are some of the cool and sometimes, fun things to look out for. You’ll definitely get this experience at NEXT Academy as we believe the best way to learn is by experiencing. Hence, why all our courses incorporate a hands-on, mentor-guided learning experience.If you’d like to learn more about our online marketing course, check out the Digital Marketing Bootcamp.What are your experiences with online marketing courses in Malaysia? Share it with us!

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