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[INFOGRAPHIC] Lets Face It, Businesses Are Going Digital (And Why You Should Too)

Discover the changing landscape of marketing and how you can keep up with the Marketing Joneses!

Zoe Lim
September 8, 2017

We're now living in an age where tech is a part of every aspect of our lives. Industries are changing quick, and are being disrupted by radical tech startups that are leveraging technology to make our lives easier and this is especially true for the marketing and advertising industry!

digital business disruption sign board

Do you recall scrolling down your Facebook live feed and seeing a 'Sponsored' post pop up? Or watching a YouTube video only to be 'potong-stimmed' by an ad? *sigh* I'm sure we all have..Chances are we were a target audience of the advertiser. So, Facebook and YouTube provide their advertisers some nifty tools to target their customers.This act of pin-pointing ads towards desired audiences, tracking and many more are a part of Digital Marketing(a relatively new field in marketing!)

Here's an example of a Facebook sponsored ad being used by Waze to promote their own ad! *mind blown*

Waze Advertises On Facebook

Now, the possibilities are endless, in fact Digital Marketing is only going to become more valuable and pervasive in the future (it is already a very valuable skill to have!)You might want to consider learning Digital Marketing, there are plenty of free resources out there to get you started!

Here's an infographic we made to get you a bit more familiar with Digital Marketing, check it out! ;)

Discover Digital Marketing Infographic

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