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Tools To Check Backlinks For SEO… Why Use One?

If you're serious about SEO... Here's one tool for you to check backlinks to take your organic traffic game to the next level.

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Always be learning. This is one mantra I hold true to myself on a daily basis. While I’m currently running a digital marketing bootcamp here at NEXT Academy, often times I learn many nifty tricks from the experts I bring in to teach… For example, this tool to check backlinks for SEO purposes.

Wait… What you mean by Check Backlinks?

Simply put, one of the major factors which helps your website have good SEO rankings is the number of quality backlinks your site has. Backlinks are essentially links from other websites which point towards your website.In the past, many people would try to abuse this method of course, by paying someone in India to send thousands of backlinks to your website.

This method no longer works, and is a surefire way to get your website slapped by Google.

Okay… I get it. So what’s with the Check Backlinks Tool?

So one of the tools we recommend in our bootcamp is

It’s a pretty rad tool because it allows you to see who is linking back to your page as well as your competitors.

Pro tip: See who is linking to your competitors and get in touch with them… Chances are they might consider linking to you as well. (If you have something good for them, of course)

One of the main reasons we use it at NEXT Academy is to track and measure our backlink generation efforts. And by backlink generation we mean authentically sourcing backlinks, either through PR outreach or partnerships.Every week we track if we have gotten any new backlinks, and if we need to grow our SEO efforts or take a chill pill.

We also incorporate our “check backlinks” activities to our long tail keyword strategy efforts to rank for the keywords we care about (to bring better content to the masses of course).

Can’t call us a coding/digital marketing school if we don’t constantly provide free tips and resources to our audience (like this).In short, we definitely recommend using to check your backlinks. Aside from their clean and easy to use interface they have great staff working on it to provide you an awesome service. It’s no wonder they rank so high on Google search because everyone is linking back to them.If you want to learn more about SEO and content strategies, check out our Digital Marketing Bootcamp.
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