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Digital Marketing Quantum Degree Review – Jia Chie

Jia Chie joined the Digital Marketing Quantum Degree™ in May. She shares her unique experience learning Digital Marketing with us.

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Digital Marketing Quantum Degree

Here’s another interview of one of our recent Digital Marketing Quantum Degree™ graduates. Jia Chie joined our May intake for the Digital Marketing Quantum Degree (Blended-Immersive format). She comes from an educational background and shares her unique perspective her whole learning experience. Currently, she works as a corporate training consultant.

digital marketing quantum degree review

Jia Chie, Digital Marketing Quantum Degree™ graduate

Here’s how the interview went:

What was it about digital marketing that interested you?

I was always passionate about learning digital marketing, so I read books and joined online classes. Then I started using digital marketing jargons with my friends and found that no one around me seemed to be interested in what I was talking about. To gain back the momentum and motivation, I joined NEXT Academy’s Digital Marketing course to find like-minded friends I could connect with.

What was the course like?

I loved the fact that we started on solid fundamentals, and that it was a hands-on experience from day one. I enjoyed coming to class every Saturday because it felt good to be a student again! Also, it was great to have a bunch of classmates and mentors I could connect with. Finally, the recorded Saturday sessions were a great feature for students who couldn’t attend.

When were you able to begin using your newfound knowledge?

It was pretty early on in the course that I was applying the coursework to my personal projects. NEXT Academy provides easy to follow, step-by-step, and clear guidelines on implementing this knowledge to any business areas of your life.

Digital Marketing Quantum Degree™ Learning Platform

What stuck with you the most from the course?

Perhaps the most important takeaway for me is the learning through doing. In many parts of my work, the most consistent way to get results is just by implementing the frameworks provided to me, and oftentimes, much of that work involves loads of testing.You can only find the most optimum way of doing things through constant testing, trying, and improving. You can’t just read up the theories and leave it at that.

Did you notice any differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

The most stark difference I’ve noticed is how we can observe the data and make adjustments based on data in digital marketing. While in traditional marketing, we can’t make sure the money spent is used wisely, or if our campaigns are even reaching the right audience.

Now that you’ve graduated, what projects are in the pipeline for you?

I’m preparing for a side project call, which gathers nutritionists and dietitians in Malaysia to teach people how to practice healthy lifestyles. This will be done through website and social media platforms, and by applying what I’ve learned in NEXT Academy, I feel confident that we can kickstart this project. We’ve already gathered more than 130 people to join us within 1 month.

That sounds great! Is there anything else you wish to add?

The overall experience was fun, engaging, and enjoyable. I’ve had such a great time meeting so many different people across different countries, and sharing stories with them.

Thanks Jia Chie! We wish you all the best for your ventures and hope our course will continue to benefit you in the years to come.If you would like to learn more about our Digital Marketing Quantum Degree®, click here.

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