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Fish and Chip - Smart Aquaponic System

Fish and Chip is a smart aquaponics system to grow your food with conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. This app is part of the Student Projects from Web Development Bootcamp from April 2019

Zoe Lim
January 13, 2020

After Tan Kok Ming finished his foundation year, he decided to join NEXT Academy to learn to code. “With coding you can put in all your ideas and build something you really like to do” he says. In the Web Development Bootcamp Course, Tan Kok Ming and his teammates created a smart aquaponic system for their graduate show with "food" as the theme.

Tan Kok Ming told us his story on how he and his teammates came up with the idea. "For our final project app, we got "food" as the theme. When you think about food app, you always think everything like Grabfood, or anything related to food delivery, right? And that's when me and my teammates realized, "Why not we make food?" That's why we decided to make a food growing kit app"

After 2 weeks of hard work, Tan Kok Ming and his teammates decided to call their app "Fish & Chip". The idea was, to grow your potatoes with fish as their aquaculture.

Watch this video to learn more about Fish & Chip!

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