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How To Get Leads For Your Business Using Digital Marketing

The goal of doing digital marketing is to help boost your sales and your business. Learn some tricks on how you can get leads for your business with digital marketing!

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Did you know you can get leads easily for your business (online or offline based) using digital marketing?

There’s a very promising trend among SMEs, small businesses and even MNCs in terms of digital marketing adoption. From property developers and flower shops to F&B outlets, people are starting to realize the power of digital marketing and the benefits of applying them diligently to their businesses.If you’ve yet to get started, here’s how to do it for yourself:

Lead Generation With Digital Marketing 101

I’m going to share a simple process you can use again and again (and tweak) for you to get new leads and prospects for your business, in any industry. For this you need 2 components:

  1. Lead capture mechanism – This could be something as simple as a google form, a contact form on your wordpress form or a landing page with an email capture form.
  2. Acquistion (Traffic) strategy – You’ll obviously need to get people to come to your lead capture mechanism in order for you to get leads. For this I recommend a simple paid Facebook Ad to get you started.

First, let’s create a simple Google form. You just need to go to Google Drive ( and create a form. Get the final form link and that will be the destination you want your FB ads to go to.What’s the incentive for people to sign up on your lead capture form? Always, ALWAYS offer a small incentive for people to sign up (we call this, a lead magnet). This could be something like a promo code or a free sample of your product in exchange for their information.Next up, let’s launch a Facebook Ad.

Here’s a simple tutorial for launching a Facebook ad.  (simply follow the steps in this tutorial and you’re all set)

Quick tips:Setup appropriate budgets for your Facebook Ad campaigns. You don’t want to blow all your money at one shot. Let the ad run for a few days,Target people whom you think might be interested in your product. For example, if you are selling flowers you might want to target people who are in a relationship. You can target them easily using Facebook ads.

After this, watch the leads come in 🙂 Remember to monitor your ad on a daily basis to see roughly how much you are paying per lead. If it’s too expensive, change your targeting, or work on your ad.Hope this helps! Leave a comment below if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you.P.S. If you’re interested to learn more about digital marketing, check out NEXT Academy’s Digital Marketing Quantum Degree Here.

Khaiyong is the Head of Growth at NEXT Academy. He’s responsible for the all the annoying ads you see on Facebook 😉

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