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How do I get my whole page on Google?

Your webpage is often the first acquaintance of the customer with your brand. But how do you get your whole page on the first page of Google. Have a look at the blog to find out.

Martijn van Beek
December 17, 2019

Bob: How do I get my homepage on like, on the first page of Google?

Robin: It's a whole bunch of stuff really. You can't just, for example you can't just do keywords alone and focus on that, and expect your website to get ranked. And at the same time, you can't expect to apply you know, different types of schema markups without using keywords and expect that to rank. So it's a mix and match of several SEO components. Which you have to include. So there's structured data, there's keywords, how to use them. We're talking about HMTL tags as well. And once you kinda have a slightly more well-packaged SEO campaign that's going, then it would be fair to at least anticipate your ranking.

Bob: But is it fair to say for most, if you run a small, medium enterprise, for most enterprises or for most companies it's easier to get ranked with your content? Rather than your Etsy product homepages?

Robin: There could be a bit of both if you have a really great product.Then you never know you might not even need content. If your product speaks for itself you might not even need content. The only content you might need is maybe just a product description. Right? Where you can also use the keywords in as well, actually. It really, really, really depends. It's one of those two subjective sections.

Bob: So there are many many ways to it. So when you join us for Digital Marketing Product Launch you actually work on a landing page. So when it comes to getting a landing page rank there are so many factors from keywords to a lot of onsite optimization stuff like markups or tags, and things like that. So Robin, he teaches, he's one of my instructors so he actually gave a lot of advice and a lot of best practices that we have in class

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