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How to Learn Digital Marketing in the Simplest and Fastest way, to Grow your Business.

Learning Digital Marketing could be very difficult, but how can you learn Digital Marketing in the simplest and fastest way? Find out in this blog.

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Bob: Hey guys, hi Instagram. How to learn digital marketing in the simplest way and fastest way to grow his business. Also depends on the business.

Xin-Ci: It also depends on what’s fastest, right?

Bob: Yeah, what’s fastest

Xin-Ci: I think 12 weeks to learn digital marketing, the whole course of 5 weeks that is really fast. It took me 2 years to really really get good at it I still learn so when I became digital marketer I don’t know about you Bob but there were no online courses. We had to Google and figure shit out and like so it took like a good one two years to really really learn it, so there’s, to me there’s no really quick and fast way. You can sign up for the course alternatively you can just practice and like Google around if you want something that’s a little bit more free.

Bob: Yup my advice is the Product Launch Bootcamp, the bootcamp actually makes you go through, I think a lot of our past students are watching us so they can testify that in 5 weeks they created online page created on Facebook ads, Google ads, do their own SEO do their own content so in 5 weeks its an accelerated way to learn and you can see the performance of your ads. My advice if you have a business is in the first week we actually teach you the customer avatar, so if like you understand your customer avatar you understand what channels, your customers are you understand where, how to market to your customers. I would say go all in so that for example as Andrew asked us if their customers are on Facebook right so you need to go all in and learn Facebook first right so that’s the fastest way. Lets say you are in a business where a lot of people normally search for it so then you really need to go all in on SEO and Google ads so that that is the streamlined way. So prioritize the thing that you want to learn and just go dive in for one month and learn that.

Xin-Ci: I mean there’s no right or wrong way and different people honestly learn differently so I can’t learn anything on video. I’m so bad I need to read stuff. Ironic cause of the video course. But I like reading stuff if I listen to stuff on video I listen at 1.5 times speed or 1.75 and then I just zone out but yeah I’m a reader.

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