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Important Prepwork For NEXT Academy Coding Students

It's going to be an exciting journey ahead. Prepare yourself ahead of the journey. Get your computers set up and get ready to code!

Audrey Ling
June 28, 2019

Learning to code is going to be an exciting journey. We won't promise you that it is going to be easy, but we will be there for you when you are facing obstacles. Just see this as a fitness bootcamp but for your brains!

The fitness trainers can't do the hard work of exercising for you, you have to do it yourself. The trainers are here to guide you, alert you when you do things wrongly, push you and encourage you through those obstacles. Our coding bootcamps does the same.

Be it the full time or part time course, you would have to put in effort to gain the skill that would give you the ability to create amazing things.

For now, the more you prepare yourself, the better it will be!


You will need to install a code editor so that you can edit your code in a more effective manner.

  • Install VSCode beforehand - we will be using the free version

Both of them are similar, just choose one. When you are more experienced with coding, you can check out the other to see what you prefer.

Frontend Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML + CSS Basics

follow the tutorial and learn some HTML and CSS
you can get this view by clicking "change view"
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Python for Backend Web Development

While you are doing this, think about how similar JavaScript and Python is. Do they have similar data types?

Useful Skills To Help You Code Better & Faster

Type code (fast)

Code Editor Shortcuts


  • During the bootcamp, we will be using VSCode to write and edit code. If you have time, learn some VSCode shortcuts (windows / mac) shortcuts for a faster code writing and editing experience!

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