How Much Do Tech And Digital Professionals Earn In Malaysia?

Written by Khai Yong Ng
Posted on 14 December 2016 in Coding, Digital Marketing, Webinar

2017 will be an interesting year for working Malaysian adults…

The world we live in in increasingly becoming more digital. The first thing people look at when they wake up in the morning before brushing their teeth is their mobile phones. Alarm clocks, Facebook notifications, Whatsapp messages… The list goes on.

Speaking of which, I wonder how alarm clock sales are doing now…

Today, almost every industry you can think of is innovating on their existing business models to adapt to the fast changing world of digital. It’s really not a matter of when anymore… but how.

This wave of change is what inspired NEXT Academy’s core mission, to equip a million individuals with skills in the tech and digital industry, to build great companies or to thrive in their careers. To make the world a better place to live in.

But with all this talk about learning digital/coding/tech skills, one thing which might cross your mind is how much are people actually making in these industries?

Here at NEXT Academy, we’ve done the research. We scoured reliable sources, high and low, online and offline and found some pretty astonishing results…

For the purpose of this article, we will focus only on Malaysian Salaries. This number could be a lot higher in more developed countries like the United States, for example.

How Much Do Tech Professionals Earn?

1) Web Developers

According to, a reputable salary comparison website, an average junior web developer bags about RM3,500 a month. The sample was taken across developers with varying years of experience (mostly junior, since this is a relatively new industry). We also noticed that most of the respondents were versed in PHP as their backend technology stack.

What about Ruby Developers? (By the way, we teach Ruby on Rails at NEXT Academy’s Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp). As you might be aware, many tech startups in Malaysia build their platforms using Ruby on Rails. Example:, Groupon Malaysia, and KFit, to name a few. 

We did some digging on Quora and found some golden nuggets of wisdom. Here’s what founder of VapeClubMY, Jeremy Ong (Who also happens to be well versed in Ruby on Rails) had to say about Ruby Developers: “If you work for venture-backed tech startup, it can range anywhere from RM3.5k – RM5k depending on how good you are (at creating production worthy apps).”

A very promising trend indeed, as most Ruby developers do not get their skills from a traditional college degree.

What about more experienced Ruby Developers? Here’s what we found on the popular Ruby Developer community group in Malaysia Ruby Brigade:

Ruby Developer Salary In Malaysia

Fun fact: SushiVid was started by 2 of our Graduates at NEXT Academy.

2) iOS Mobile Developers

According to, mobile app developers have a comparatively higher average salary, amounting to RM 57,275 per year. This is great news for you if you have an interest to develop mobile apps.

We dived into some of the hottest tech job portals in Malaysia to find out exactly what people are willing to pay for an iOS mobile developer. Here’s what we found:

One healthcare startup, GetDoc was looking for iOS Developers to build up their mobile platform. While we could not get them to reveal the salary, one thing caught our attention here:

“Paper qualification is nice to have but not a requirement.”

As you can see, experience clearly trumps paper qualifications.

Another startup, (one of their founders is also a NEXT Academy alumnus) is also looking to hire iOS developers, quoting a salary range of RM3000 – RM8000. Looks good to us!

Shoppr, an ecommerce startup on the other hand, quoted a range of RM2500 – RM8000. We’re guessing it’s RM2500 for junior developers with potential to go up to RM8000 when you’ve acquired more experience.

3) Digital Marketers

In July 2016, we successfully launched our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, which aims to equip individuals with skills in Digital Marketing to grow their businesses.

This is probably one of the newest, hottest roles to hit the waves of Malaysia’s job scene. Almost every business in Malaysia needs a digital marketer if they want to stay competitive and thrive. If you own or plan to build a startup, a digital marketer is usually one of the core employees.

Digital marketing specialists are synonymous with many other titles, such as SEO/SEM specialists, online marketing specialists, internet marketers, growth hackers, Social Media Managers and so on…

Let’s look at the salaries on the top of the spectrum. A Digital Marketing Manager has the potential to bag RM97,000 in annual salary according to This is probably because of the shortage of good Digital Marketing professionals of that level in Malaysia.

What about freshies? One company, Novelplus Sdn Bhd is offering RM3000 – RM8000, depending on experience. Pretty good starting salary for something which is not offered in traditional universities.

Another company, Wiseme Sdn Bhd is offering RM4000 – RM8000 for a minimum 3 years experience. Something you would expect for a mid-level digital marketer.

Digital marketers are needed for all kinds of industries. For example, a company in the property space is paying RM3000 – RM5000 for someone to manage their SEO/SEM activities. We are noticing a trend where employers are willing to go higher than other companies to secure good talent, possibly due to the lack of good digital-savvy professionals in the country.

In short, we hope these salary figures give you a better idea on what it’s like to get into a career in tech/digital. The best part is, you definitely won’t have to spend an arm and a leg, or time, to pick up skills such as these with NEXT Academy- which offers full time and part time courses in these skills.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? If you’d like to know more about how you can build your digital career in 2017, join our upcoming webinar with Josh and Khaiyong by signing up below.


Disclaimer: This article is an opinion article by the author. It is meant to be a guide, and by no way, any means of guarantee of earnings or income as a result of working or applying for any of the stated organizations or companies. 

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