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Why We’ve (Re-)Started Interviewing Students

Everyone can and should learn to code. We are restarting our interview process to ensure our coding bootcamp is a fit for you.

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When we first started NEXT Academy, we had the goal of empowering individuals to pursue careers that they could be excited about. Software development ranks as one of the most fulfilling careers amongst many. It satisfies the intellectual curiosity that we human beings crave, and at the very same time, appeals to our innate desire to create. And one of the plus points in this era — where technology is disrupting every other industry — is the potentially lucrative pay check that the skill can command.

We are proud to have graduated 700 students in Software Development and Digital Marketing, and with that, we have learned a lot about delivering better education.

Today, our mission to empower people remains the same. And for that reason, we have implemented many unconventional methods. For example, we don’t think classroom lectures are the best way to shape creativity, encourage independent problem-solving, and improve resourcefulness — qualities that correlate with with highly successful individuals.

Beginning today, we are re-designing our admission process in order to create an even more conducive learning environment, to help our students better succeed as tech entrepreneurs and software developers.

Every student who applies for our full-time Web Development Bootcamps will be required to go through an admission interview.

The interview isn’t designed to eliminate candidates with poor academic backgrounds. We have found poor correlation between excellent grades and success. Our admission interview searches for students who we think will excel in software development and become great at what they do.Our admission criterion identifies students who:

  1. Are highly committed to learning or have the potential to develop great interest
  2. Have the desire to be independent problem solvers
  3. Are introspective in their journey towards success
  4. Have the right attitude towards learning

Unfortunately, we will not be admitting everyone but we believe this change in our admission process will help our students learn even better than before.

If you want to learn, network and grow amongst the best, you may register here: NEXT Academy | Coding Courses


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