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Investor Pitch by NEXT Graduates

Startups co-founded by NEXT Academy graduates were selected for an investor pitch at KLSCCCI. Startups includes Futurelab, VASE & GetDoc.

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Once in awhile, you will get an opportunity of a lifetime.

You’ll never truly know when, but when it comes, you should be ready to grasp it with your hands before it slips away.

In our case, KLSCCCI (The Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) contacted NEXT Academy to present an opportunity for our fellow Malaysian coding students (who founded/ co-founded companies) to pitch to investors.

And immediately, these startups jumped onboard.

After their pitch at the “Innovative Youth, Future Business Leader 3.0” by KLSCCCI, a number of investors approached them to ask about their fundraising schedule and even talked about how to provide connections to grow the startups faster.I’ve some friends who said that my students are “really lucky!” But it’s also because they are ready for it. That’s because…

Luck = Preparation + Attitude + Opportunity + Action

You can’t go pitching to investors if you have no pitch, no working app, or no customers to show traction. You can’t make your startup known if you have no team, no brand, no good idea.

If you want to venture into a tech business, aside from having the business side of things done, you will need to have the tech side of things settled.

And that’s what our graduates did.

Sometimes learning to code doesn’t mean being the tech guy in the company forever, but it means having the ability to build a prototype, a good understanding of what tech can do to help your business or even to set a clearer and better expectation with your own tech team within the company.

KLSCCCI had gotten several experienced people to provide feedback:

  • Ng Khai Lee (Managing Partner of 500 Startups)
  • Yeoh Chen Chow (Investor and Co-founder of Fave and KFIT)
  • Josh Teng (CEO and Founder of NEXT Academy)

Just before we end the day, I managed to catch Julie from VASE to talk abit more about her startup.If you would like to learn more about what other students think about us and even to listen to their stories, please feel free to check out NEXT Academy Reviews or NEXT Academy stories.

…if you want to know more about the bootcamps that our graduates joined…

Be it building your MVP/ prototype or learning how to market your business, here are some resources which you should definitely check out.

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